NFL Power Rankings, Week 7

NFL Power Rankings, Week 7

Topsy-turvy. All over the place. Inconsistent. Fickle.

No matter how you say it, this year has to be ranked among the strangest ever. “Any given Sunday”, so they say.

Here are the biggest movers and shakers of the past week:

NEW ORLEANS: lost to Carolina, dropped from 4 to 13.

PITTSBURGH: defeated Cincinnati, climbed from 11 to 4.

CAROLINA: defeated New Orleans, climbed from 14 to 7.

DALLAS: lost to St. Louis, dropped from 10 to 15.

INDIANAPOLIS: lost to Green Bay, dropped from 12 to 19.

NEW ENGLAND: defeated Denver, climbed from 24 to 14.

A big win or a big loss will have a dramatic effect on the rankings because so many teams are bunched together in the middle of the pack.

This past week was the opposite of the week before, when underachieving teams won and overachievers lost. In week seven, RED teams (overachieving) were 8-1 while GREEN teams (underachieving) were 2-6. I think this week we’ll see RED teams finish around 6-3 while GREEN teams go 3-7 or 2-8.

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