Word at the Watercooler, Week 4

Word at the Watercooler: NFL Week 4

Ten things you’ll hear around the watercooler this week:

1. The Dolphins are a force to be reckoned with in the AFC East!

Yes, Miami beat the Patriots. Yes, they scored 38 points. Yes, Ronnie Brown had the game of his life. But do you really expect the ‘Fins to be able to run the Wildcat offense against anyone else this year? As much as I’d like to see more teams run the option in the NFL it can’t be on an every-play basis. Granted, Miami didn’t use it on every play either, but coordinators have seen it and tape has been analyzed by their upcoming opponents.

2. The Patriots might miss the playoffs!

I give this one about a 10% chance of actually happening. They’re 2-1 and are undoubtedly pissed to all hell for losing in such an embarrassing fashion to Miami. We all know they’re just not the same team as last year, but they’re still good and I don’t expect the Buffalo Chips to stay ahead in that division for long.

3. The Steelers are too injured to remain competitive!

Reports came out right after their loss to Philadelphia that pretty much every player in Pittsburgh was injured. The Eagles ran roughshod through Pittsburgh’s line and sacked Ben Roethlisberger something like eight times, forcing him out of the game in the 4th quarter. “Fast” Willie Parker did in fact suffer a leg injury. Joining him on the bench this week against Baltimore will be Casey Hampton and Brett Keisel for sure, while Troy Polamalu, Deshea Townsend, LaMarr Woodley and Donovan Woods were all absent from Wednesday’s practice.

Not to worry, however, as reports of Pittsburgh’s demise are completely unfounded. Do you really think that Cleveland and Cincinnati are going to have any shot at beating even an injured Steeler squad? Baltimore…maybe, but unlikely.

4. J.T. O’Sullivan is the real deal! 49′ers rawk!

Please extend your right hand, spread your fingers, and repeatedly slap yourself in the face while repeating the phrase “O’Sullivan is O’Terrible”. Big numbers against the likes of Seattle and Detroit do not a fantasy stud make. If you dropped your regular starting fantasy QB for O’Sullivan, you are a fool. Now, if you’ve read my preseason preview you’ll know that the Niners are in fact fully capable of becoming a playoff team in their crappy division, but don’t jump on the J.T. express if you want to win your fantasy league.

5. San Diego turned their season around with a win over the Jets!

Maybe, but in order to turn their season around they would have to be headed in the wrong direction and I don’t think they were. They should be 2-1, not 1-2, because they got absolutely SHAFTED in the Broncos game. Heck, take away the late Carolina touchdown and they’re 3-0. I guess that’s why we play the game though. The Chargers need L.T. to be healthy, and they need to work on their defense, but other than that they look good to me.

6. The Minnesota Vikings are so much better with Gus Frerotte starting at quarterback!

Gussy Boy was 16 of 28 for 204 yards, a touchdown, and a pick. To be honest, I think the Vikings would have won even if Tarvaris Jackson had been playing. Carolina is not the same caliber as Green Bay or Indianapolis (yet) and when you hold a rushing team to 47 rushing yards you’ve got a pretty good chance at winning even if you only put 20 points on the board. Or 14 for that matter. I do think that Frerotte will make a difference, but he wasn’t the difference against the Panthers.

7. The Eagles will suck without Brian Westbrook!

No. The Eagles will not score 30 points a game without Westbrook, but they will not suck. Statistically he isn’t having a huge year…42 carries for 161 yards (3.8 avg.) and 8 receptions for 46 yards. He’s got 5 touchdowns, which makes him look really good, but touchdowns are not usually an individual feat. Correll Buckhalter could probably put up the exact same kind of numbers as long as Donovan McNabb stays healthy and mobile.

8. The Browns tried to pluck Willis McGahee’s eye right out of his head!

An update from Pro Football Talk.

9. Matt Schaub got his fingers stuck in the ground and can’t play!

Okay, I’m running out of stuff to talk about.

10. The Dallas Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl!

Sorry folks, AFC year.

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